Return To Work Program

At Equidius, we believe we can do more to help injured employees recover and return to work.

Working with insurers, employers and qualified medical physicians, we believe in early intervention to ensure that quick and appropriate action is taken to support injured employees and employers in realizing the health benefits of working, to support recovery for injured employees and to facilitate their return to work. This is important not only for their injured employees but their family as well.

Accidents happen and nothing is more important to an employee than to be supported in their time of need during the process from trauma to recover and back to being productive again. At Equidius, we work with top-notch medical service professionals to help manage the entire process from incident, claims and through structuring a gradual return to work program under doctor's advice. This will ensure a safe transition for the employee as well as a productive workforce for the business.

Happy Employees All Round

Manage and Assist In Employees' Return To Work Program

A return to work coordinator will be assigned to each incident to help both the organization and victim to facilitate full documentation of the entire process. We will then work with employees, organizations and medical professionals to structure a safe and productive return to work program.

Innovative Solutions To Employee Retention and Productivity

The worst that can happen for any employee is to be left feeling undervalued especially during their time of need after a traumatic incident. Equidius understands this and works closely with organizations that care about their staff while managing the transition from incident to recovery. That way the employee can concentrate on getting better with minimal disruptions to the business.

Manage Health Programs For Insurance Companies

Equidius is uniquely positioned to bridge the process of incident documentation as well as continuous claims processing through incidents that happens with our clients. We feel that it is important to be able to connect the right insurance partner with our clients to help them maintain a happy and productive workforce.

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