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Our Value Proposition

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For Medical Service Providers

  • Equidius does not operate or manage any healthcare treatment scheme that restricts costs or expenses that will prevent our medical partners from prescribing correct and appropriate medicine to their patients (our members and insured persons).

  • Equidius does not compete with our medical partners – by owning or operating any healthcare facility.  We believe that our medical partners are best equipped and positioned to provide good healthcare services to our members and insured persons.

For Medical Service Providers

For Insurers

  • Equidius understands the needs and concerns of insurers as it is led by insurance veterans who haves intimate knowledge of the industry.​

  • Besides medical claims, Equidius possesses extensive experience in helping insurers process other types of general and life insurance claims, including work injury compensation and travel.

For Insurers

For Corporate Clients

  • Equidius can provide Letter of Guarantee (LOG) services that are recognized and accepted in eight leading private hospitals in Singapore.

  • Equidius leverages on data analytics in areas like claims history to enable a comprehensive understanding of the employee medical situation for monitoring purposes and development of optimal benefits packages.

For Corporate Clients

For Insurance &

Employee Benefits Brokers

  • Equidius welcomes opportunities to collaborate with insurance and employee benefits brokers in crafting optimal solutions for corporate clients.

For Insurance & Employee Benefits Brokers

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