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Customised flexible employee benefits for the modern business.

Employee wellness is important to the success of any business and the management of that without in-depth information can get overwhelming or impact minimally. Using our proprietary claims processing platform, Equidius helps our clients to simplify the entire process of employee benefits by providing an all-in-one solution for managing both insurance and flexible benefits efficiently by understanding the needs of their employees at a cost-effective rate while giving them benefits that matter.

We Understand

Group Hospitalization Benefits

Group Hospitalization Benefits

Equidius is uniquely positioned to analyse the group hospitalization needs of your organization while working with key industry insurance companies and brokers to provide cost-effective solutions that rides on our platform.

Medical Tele-Consultation & Outpatient Services

Medical Tele-Consultation & Outpatient Services

Waiting in line for hours just to receive medical advice for simple illnesses will soon be a thing of the past with Equidius. With our dedicated intelligent healthcare solutions and tele-medical service. Quality medical advice is just minutes away.

Employee Benefits and Wellness Store

Employee Benefits and Wellness Store1

At Equidius, we want to offer our valued members different ways to get more out of life. With our exclusive Equidius Benefits store, we partner with your favourite brands to bring exclusive deals and packages for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Data Analytics on Employee Wellness

Data Analytics on Employee Wellness

Through the power of information and using smart proprietary technologies, we are able to analyze cumulative data so that we can help you manage and keep track of your organization's wellness to ensure everyone is performing at their best.

Claims Portal

Essentially simple management platform for both personal and company access

General Insurance Claims Processing on Behalf of Clients 

General Insurance Claims Processing on Behalf of Clients 

Efficient and simple all-in-one claims platform for all your organization's benefits processing. 24/7 secured cloud access on desktop and mobile3 platforms with dedicated human customer support.

Medical Claims Processing

Medical Claims Processing

Our dedicated team works expediently to process medical claims within 3 days so that you and your employees have clear information on the status of your claims and how they are being managed.

Online & Mobile Tools

Equidius Web-Based Platform

Clients and employees can access Equidius’ services and perform critical functions relating to utilization and management of benefits program via our proprietary web-based platform. These platforms allow secured 24/7 access for our members to submit claims or utilize their benefits; for service providers to file their claims for processing; and for clients to view the claims filed by members and insured persons as well as to obtain analysis needed for a comprehensive understanding of the workforce health situation.

Equidius Mobile App
Equidius Mobile App

Available On

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Apple App Store

Equidius Mobile App2

Service Provider Locator

Get information on Equidius panel service providers including address, contact details and operating hours.

Applying for Letter of Guarantee

Request for a Letter of Guarantee and stay informed of application outcome.


Viewing of Benefits

View the status of members benefits and entitlements.

Filing of Claims

File flex and medical claims effortlessly easily by uploading a photo of the invoice or receipt.


View and manage member E-Card easily, with E-Card valid for authentication purposes at panel service providers.

1 Equidius Employee & Benefits Store -  Coming Soon
2 Equidius Mobile App -  Coming Soon

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