We believe that everyone deserves simple and affordable healthcare.

Here at Equidius, we firmly believe that everyone deserves quality and affordable healthcare. That's why we made it our mission to partner with ethical medical professionals and services for our members. Combining intelligent and traditional healthcare services, our platform promises to deliver fast, convenient and reliable healthcare for you and your loved ones.

How We Take Care of You

Tele-Medical Advisory

Waiting in line for hours just to receive medical advice for simple illnesses will soon be a thing of the past with Equidius. With our dedicated tele-medical service, quality medical advice is just a few taps away.

Management of Chronic and

Acute Illnesses

A rapidly ageing population creates a pressing importance for efficient long-term management of chronic and acute illnesses. We believe that with our partnered medical professionals, we can offer an effective chronic and acute management solution for each and every one of our members.

Basic Health Screening Checks

We believe in early detection of illnesses so that the probability of recovery is much higher. We partner with leading medical services providers to offer comprehensive health screening packages at exclusive rates for all our members. This way, our members can continue to live life to the fullest while being confident of their physical health.

Mental Wellness Management

The mind is as important as the body and with so many stresses in our everyday lives, it is even more important to ensure that we have effective methods to manage our daily lives. Equidius works with top mental health professionals to provide mental wellness services for members who may need a good listening ear and sound advice.

Pharmaceutical Dispensing

We understand that the processes of receiving your medication can be confusing and sometimes frustrating; here at Equidius, we aim to simplify the complete process by using intelligent healthcare solutions to provide quality medical services that work for you.

Data Analytics

Using artificial intelligence, we are able to analyse medical trends and provide predictive solutions so that we can help our clients plan more effective healthcare programs for their employees.

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