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Customised Solutions

Supported by a wide network of partners, Equidius has the capability to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of the modern business

Equidius is committed to working with our clients to get a deeper understanding of their healthcare needs and is able to provide customized solutions to suit any modern business. Our members will get access to enjoy a wide range of facilities and services that will enable them to unlock a higher potential of wellness through intelligent healthcare and enriching experiences.

Customised Just For You

Genome Health and Wellness Profiling

Genome Health and
Wellness Profiling

Equidius is very excited to be able to offer genome health and wellness profiling through our partner labs that would give our members an in-depth insight towards how their body functions on a cellular level. Through this program, we will be able to identify and recommend various practices and routines to help our members understand and be in sync with their body's needs.

Skin Test

Skin Test

Our partner medical service providers can help our member identify potential and active allergens through skin prick and skin patch tests. These tests allow our doctors to help you identify the agents you are allergic to, so you can consciously reduce your exposure to them. This can reduce your reliance on costly medications and help you navigate life more comfortably.

Distribution of Customised Supplements

Distribution of Customised Supplements

Through genome health and wellness profiling, our partnered medical professionals will be able to identify and curate a custom blend of health supplements that will unique to each and every one of our members.

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