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Equidius offers effective and timely medical and healthcare solutions to insurers and companies in Singapore.

Some of our key services include:


Cashless Arrangement at Panel Service Providers

Employees visiting Equidius panel service providers do not have to pay upfront the medical costs covered by their employee benefits. All relevant charges incurred are processed by Equidius, with weekly consolidated invoices sent to employers.

24/7 Customer Support

Critical information pertaining to panel service providers, payment, and other essential areas can be accessed via the Equidius 24/7 customer service support hotline. 24/7 access to information and services is also available via the Equidius website and mobile app.  

Health Screening Packages

Provide employees with comprehensive health screening packages at preferred rates at designated Equidius panel service providers. Detect medical problems early to ensure the well-being of employees and to keep medical costs low.

Full Range Support of Employee Benefits

Enjoy full range of administrative and processing support for various employee benefits to reduce paperwork, and keep costs low via the reduction of overheads and elimination of fraudulent or excessive claims.

Comprehensive Understanding of Workforce Health Situation

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of employee medical issues through Equidius’s data analytics services to design optimal benefits programmes and determine key vulnerabilities in the workforce health situation.

Letter of Guarantee Issuance

Equidius can help facilitate and expedite hospitalisation and surgery related procedures by providing Letter of Guarantee services so that employees and insured members can focus on the recovery process.  

Online & Mobile Tools

Equidius Web-Based Platform

Clients and employees can access Equidius’s services and perform critical functions relating to utilization and management of benefits programmes via the Equidius web-based platform. The platform provides a secure 24/7 location for employees to access and utilise employee benefits; for service providers to file their claims for processing; and for clients to view the claims filed by employees and insured persons as well as to obtain analysis needed for a comprehensive understanding of the workforce health situation.

Equidius Mobile App

Employees can access their benefits and seek medical and healthcare options anywhere with the Equidius Mobile App, which is a personalised service for employees that brings them to their individual profile and benefits page.


The app offers the following services:

Service Provider Locator

Get information on Equidius panel service providers including address, contact details, and distance to app user.  

Applying for Letter of Guarantee

Request for a Letter of Guarantee and stay informed of application outcome.


Viewing of Benefits

View the status of employee benefits and entitlements.

Filing of Claims

File flex and medical claims effortlessly easily by uploading a photo of the invoice or receipt.


View and manage employee E-Card easily, with E-Card valid for authentication purposes at panel service providers.

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