About Us

Back to basics.

Simply a Third-Party Administrator (TPA)

Equidius is an ethical Third-Party Administrator (TPA) that is truly independent and free of any conflict of interest. In this regard, Equidius is unique as we are the first leading insurance and medical claims TPA that is wholly owned and led by insurance veterans instead of medical doctors or medical service providers. Consequently, we are dedicated to working for the interests of our corporate clients and insurers.


As an ethical TPA, Equidius seeks to protect the interests and well-being of the insurer and the insured whilst helping to safeguard the integrity of the healthcare system by bringing cost-effective solutions to our stakeholders.


The Equidius team comprises insurance industry veterans with intimate knowledge of insurance healthcare claims, as well as seasoned medical fraud investigators. Our team is also supported by an independent medical review board which comprises experienced medical practitioners.

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