WHY Equidius


Our Independence Is Our Unique Advantage

Equidius is not owned by any medical doctor or service provider. We also do not have any shared business interests with doctors or medical related businesses, nor do we own or operate any healthcare or medical facility in Singapore or in other countries. Equidius’s independence enables us to review, process, and approve claims objectively and thoroughly.

No Conflict of Interest with Stakeholders

Equidius’s independence ensures that we do not have any conflict of interest with our corporate and insurer clients. Furthermore, Equidius does not derive revenue from the medical service providers whom we work with.

Equidius Keeps Costs Low for Stakeholders

Equidius keeps costs low for stakeholders by only working with trusted medical service providers who have been accredited with us. All suspicious medical claims are investigated by experienced medical fraud investigators. Equidius services are also rendered at reasonable charges which are not dependent on the value of claims processed. We will make every effort to assist our clients in combating rising healthcare costs and fraudulent claims.

Uniquely Positioned to Analyse Claims Trends

Equidius’s proprietary claims portal enables its data analytics team to identify and analyse medical claims trends, preferences, and cost drivers. We believe that data analytics can help our corporate and insurer clients address the needs of their employees and policyholders better.

The Highest Standards of Medical Professionalism


Equidius recognises the key roles played by our medical service providers.  We work only with qualified medical partners who are ethical and committed to the betterment of their patients’ well-being. Through our collaboration, we enable our medical service providers to work with the highest professionalism. In so doing, Equidius stands ready to partner the Singapore Medical Council and Singapore Medical Association in upholding the standards required of our medical service providers in Singapore.

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